Too Much Worship? (Or Not Nearly Enough?)

I worship too much. The church I serve as pastor offers four worship services at two different campuses. I worship on Saturday evening. I worship twice, sometimes three times on Sunday morning. I lead services at local nursing homes and speak regularly at seasonal luncheons and prayer breakfasts. This morning, I only have one service to lead at 10:45 am. One! I'm up at the regular time. I've had breakfast, am on my second cup of coffee, and still have time to look over the sermon one more time. I slip easily into prayer while swinging gently on the patio swing in my back yard. I am enjoying the leisure of just dwelling quietly with God. That's when it hits me: I actually don't worship enough. I may attend too many worship services throughout the course of a month, but that has become work, not worship. Jesus modeled for us the discipline of worship which is everything we do to deepen our love relationship with God. Jesus spent time alone before the sun came up far from the pressing crowds. He spent time on the mountain top. He did whatever he needed to do to connect with his Father before the crowds gathered. That's what I'm doing this morning. When worship becomes work…When we put more attention on gathering up all the details and putting on a smooth show than on deepening our love relationship with God, we are missing out on something beautiful. Leave it to human beings to turn something beautiful into something complicated. How about you? Do you feel closer to God when leave a worship service? By all means worship as much as you can! Deepen your love relationship with God, no matter what it takes! Happy Sunday


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