Prayer Is Not Magic Words or Casting Spells

If we slow down and think about the Lord's Prayer while we are reciting it, we see that we have been asking God all along to do whatever God thinks best. But God needs a willing accomplice in this world to do it. In prayer, we hold the door open, invite God in, and say "I'm with you God! Do what you need to do!"

Forgiveness Is Hard. (Just Like Math)

I have always told myself that some brains are wired for numbers better than others, which means I can give myself a pass. Math is for other people who are naturally better at it. We tell ourselves the same delusional things about discipleship. If I'm not naturally good at something, it must not be for me. Like forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard, so it must not be for me. Nice try.

Self Denial is Un-American!!

Self denial is un-American, because we are the nation of instant gratification. As disciples, though, we are citizens of a different realm where patience, self control and sacrifice are the ways we beat back the darkness.

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